IPSiLog Semiconductor GmbH

IPSiLog Semiconductor GmbH

Company Profile

IPSiLog Semiconductor GmbH is a fabless semiconductor company, developing and producing innovative products based on state-of-the-art deep submicron CMOS process. Our products include application specific standard products (ASSPs) with enhanced performance and functionality. Having many decades of experience in semiconductor design and test and a team of engineers available for support our products.

We are Headquartered close to Munich airport, so we are able to deliver with an overnight service to all locations all over the world.

Due to close partnership to our partners - silicon foundries and assembly/test vendors, we are able to ramp our products quickly to high volumes and low cost.

IPSiLog is committed to supply high quality products at an affordable price, which meet the requirements of its customers in a manner consistent with product quality standards.

IP, Silicon and Logistics seeks to exceed the customer expectations in delivery speed and pricing.


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