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Serial SRAM 512Kbit, 3.3V in mass-production

Niederaichbach, 2011-03-15
IPSiLog Semiconductor GmbH announces mass-production of its IP12B512C-T 512Kbit serial SRAM. It is the highest density serial SRAM available on the market and exceeds competitors devices in density by a factor of 2.
The device offers 512Kbit SRAM accessed by a SPI-Interface (MODE 0 and MODE 3) at up to 20MHz clock frequency. It has four different modes of operation: BYTE,PAGE,PSEQ,VRTM and operates in a voltage range of 2.7V to 3.6V.
It is specified for C-Grade temperature range (-20C to +70C) and is available in space saving tiny TSSOP-8 package.
Shipment form is Tube: IP12B512C-TU and Tape & Reel IP12B512C-TR

Orders can be placed directly to IPSiLog Semiconductor GmbH

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